My price for a basic braided kangaroo leather leash or collar up to 8 strands is $1.75* per inch.

Each pair of strands over 8 is an additional $.25* per inch.

6 strand obedience tabs, from 12-20 inches, are $35* each.

1 meter French Ring leads are $60* each.

Basic 4 strand whistle lanyards with break-away connecter are $30* each.

You choose leather colors and type of leash snap.

Please contact me for any designs other than the above listed for custom pricing.


Braided paracord leashes $12* per foot.

Braided paracord 1 meter French Ring lead  $30* each

Braided paracord slip tabs $25* each.

Braided paracord collars  $35* each.

Braided paracord ob tabs  $15* each.

Braided micro paracord lanyards  $20* each.

paracord CABRIO leash
Converts from slip lead to clip lead, 4' long, $50*

*NEW*  paracord BIG CABRIO leash  *NEW*
Converts from slip lead to clip lead, 5' long, $65*

*prices are subject to change without notice

Payment for custom work must be made in advance.
Paypal to is preferred.
Money order sent by mail is also accepted.
Custom work will not be started until payment is received.