5' black/green kangaroo leashblack/green leash detail6' black slip leash5' whiskey leash with trigger snap4' black/gray/white leash6' black leash5' yellow leash with thumb loop#1. 5' black slip leash created for "Halloween theme" Mondio trial prize#2. 5' black slip leash created for "Halloween theme" Mondio trial prize4' black/pink leash5' black/jacaranda leash5' black/red leash5' slip leash, green with natural accents5' black/red slip leash5' black/yellow slip leash5' slip lead, black with red and yellow4' clip lead, black/natural6' slip lead, solid black5' clip lead, black/jacaranda6' clip lead, black/whiskey
Examples of past work.  Please click on photos to enlarge.
CALF LEATHER 5.5' black/oxblood leashblack/oxblood leash detailCALF LEATHER 34" black/oxblood belt leashCALF LEATHER 6' black leash4' rust red calf leather cabrio
Kangaroo Leather Leashes
Calf Leather
1 Meter Leads
blackred/blackblack/jacarandablack/redaqua/blackblack/purpleblack with red and yellowgreenblack with yellow pink/blackblue/blackyellow/blackred/blackburgundy/naturalblue/blackpink/blackpurple/blacksolid black
These leads are approximately 36" long to allow for stretch and are made for French Ring competition.  They are four strands of kangaroo leather doubled over the clip into an eight strand braid, with a core of 550 parachute cord.  There is a knot at the end instead of a handle.
My kangaroo leather leashes are made from eight strands of leather around a 550 parachute cord core.  The ends of the braid at the clip and handle are extensively back braided for strength.  Kangaroo leashes are endlessly customizable by color, length and design.